Dear readers, Naked and happy goes into summer naturist mode. No clothes for the next three weeks and very little update on the site. After the 5 reasons why nakation is the best vacation, and the 7 tips to plan your next nakation, here are The Seven Commandments of the naturist on holiday. I apply them myself to spend the best possible naturist holidays.

1.      Travel Light

Going on a nakation (naturist vacation) is an opportunity to travel light or even very light. There may, of course, be some cool evenings and outings that will require some clothes. Seize the opportunity to minimize clothing to the maximum. My experience shows that shorts, a long trouser, a T-shirt, a shirt or polo shirt, a lightweight sweater, a pair of lightweight shoes and flip-flops, a cap or a hat is enough for a week of naturist vacation. Ladies may choose a skirt and a blouse instead of trouser and shirt, but it is their choice. A beach towel and all is ready. All fits in a small suitcase. It’s even a two-pack with one suitcase.

2.      Think of sunscreen

A lot of sunscreens, preferably mineral. Spread frequently. Add a good after sun cream to complete the hydration. Naturism does not rhyme with unconsciousness and becoming crayfish. Take care of your sun capital!

3.      Take some games and good books

You have room in your suitcase to take a few board games and good books that you do not have time to read throughout the year.

4.      Add a water and sand waterproof camera to your suitcase

Give up your phone! Not only will you enjoy disconnected holiday, but with a good camera, you will be able to make better shots and select them when returning. Also take advantage of a waterproof and secure pouch for your personal belongings such as keys, money or identity papers.

5.      Add a tennis racket, frisbee, and other sports accessories

Think about the sports activities you will want to practice during your holidays. Be sure to take the necessary accessories. Playing tennis with your racket is always more fun than having to borrow one. Prefer the sports you can practice naked to avoid adding special outfits to your suitcase. If you are a naked hiker, think of your quick shorts or skirt.

6.      List naturist beaches and sites of your holiday area

If you have a GPS application, remember to update it and list the naturist beaches and sites in the area. Nothing more frustrating than having to look for the nearest naturist beach at the last moment and since you did not pack any swimsuit, going to a textile beach is out of the question. Your activities may not be all naturist. Then get the region’s tour guide to plan activities and visits.

7.      Dress up light and go

On the day of departure, I like to wear as little clothing as possible. Shorts, a T-shirt and a pair of flip-flops if possible and I’m gone. Do not forget, plane ticket or train, passport or identity card, driver’s license and any paper necessary for travel and life, all in a secure pouch I was talking about earlier. As soon as you arrive at your nakation place, get undressed quickly, unpack (the suitcase is almost empty, this is fast) and enjoy your naturist vacation.

Feel free to share your ideas, tips, and tricks in the comments below for awesome nakation! And if you still have question on naturism, read the post 8 things you need to know about naturism!



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