It happens that in a couple, one of the spouses is naturist and the other not. The question of living his naturism then arises. The solution is neither simple nor obvious. Here are some ideas to explore if you are confronted with this dilemma. It generally starts with good communication, respect for differences and excellent listening.

Together, one naked, the other not

The first solution is to live your naturism alone while your spouse/companion remains dressed. This solution presupposes that you are comfortable with your nudity in a textile environment and that your spouse is too with your nudity. It is indeed possible that you are not comfortable naked while your spouse is dressed, or that he/she is not comfortable when you are naked.

In either case, talk about it together. Why aren’t you comfortable, why doesn’t is he/she? The reasons may be multiple, but this often starts with the question about nudity and its meaning. If you tie nudity to sexuality, nothing more Important than continuing to live naturally naked and in doing so to clearly separate nudity from sexuality.

One reason often cited by the textile spouse is that he/she does not find nudity nice to see. Talk! Tell him/her that you feel good naked and that you’d be happy to continue. Also propose to dress from time to time, to balance relationships. It’s all about compromise.

It will also be appropriate to discuss the naturist activities and places, like the holidays, the beach or naked hikes. If they are important to you, you will also have to find a compromise to live your naturism. It is possible to practice naturist activities in the company of other naturists without your spouse joining you and in return for staying dressed for other activities that are to your spouse liking.

Conversion to Naturism

Not easy, but not impossible either. It’s probably the most sensible solution (although, as a reader mentioned, the most sensible option is to compromise and embrace textile activities as well). When you think about it, it’s better to do things together than separately. And if these are naturist activities, it is better than your spouse is also a naturist.

So the question is how to convince a reluctant to become a naturist, even occasionally?· Over the years I have discovered that the reluctance to naturism is more emotional than rational. There are dozens of good reasons to become a naturist. However, they generally produce emotions, felt when one is naked or when seeing other naked people.

One of the emotions often evoked is jealousy. The textile spouse does not support his or her significant other to be seen naked. He/she “belongs to him/her”! Naturism cannot cure jealousy, which is generally a nasty emotion. But practicing naturism together can help obliterate it once and for all, and build trust and respect.

The important thing is to understand and talk about this emotional aspect to your spouse. In a large majority of cases, a stay, even a short one in a naturist campsite or village will kill those emotions felt with nudity. Choose your naturist village well and let things get done on their own. Nudity sometimes needs a little time to be accepted.

Avoid starting with a naturist beach or a resort known for its swinging practices, such as the Cap d’Agde. The beach is often the place that voyeurs choose, and this can put your spouse, at the beginning at least, uncomfortable. The swinging centers send the wrong message. Not that swinging is evil in itself, but it is not naturism in the social sense of the word.

Each one on his side

The last alternative is to live your naturism alone. This may seem sad at first glance, but it all depends on the couple relationship that you entertain. There are indeed couples who are satisfied to practice their activities alone. The crucial point is the sharing.

Sharing experiences and transparency of activities are the master words. If your relationship is based on respect and love, it will only strengthen. It is important to share what you have experienced without hiding anything. It is at this price that a relationship of trust is created and strengthened.

The separation

Unfortunately, there are cases for which naturism is the trigger to separation when none of the three possibilities described previously are working. It is not always the only trigger. I am therefore not going to comment on this aspect of naturism, which is sometimes in the discussions between naturists. However, as in all relationships, there are situations where it is better to continue on the path of life separately.

So is naturism a lifestyle for the couple? Yes, without any doubt. Naturism is a healthy, pleasant and fundamental lifestyle nowadays. It allows you to live respecting others, without judgment and in complete freedom. You should find the right angle of discussion, appreciation, and experimentation. The world needs naturists and naturism. The naked body brings us back to the simplicity of our beings.

Is your spouse not a naturist? Browse together the site of your naturist federation and decide to try it together. You have nothing to lose except your clothes. On the other hand, you will have so much to gain! Start!


  1. Thoughtful article. I have been a naturist since 1998. My wife of forty years will not embrace this. It used to be a wedge between us (and I suppose it still is), but she has, with time, accepted the fact that I only wear clothes when I must. I have given up my efforts at converting her since it only ends in conflict. She bristles when people learn that I am a nudist and assume that she is one as well. At times, I am envious of couples who enjoy nudism together, but this is not important enough for me to end our marriage over. So we peacefully co-exist.

  2. nakedjoel, I can identify with you as I am in the same situation with my wife. I rest as a home nudist with my wife but I like other activities such as gardening nude, hiking, conversing and sharing times with others, I cannot get her to understand this. I sometimes wish that I did have a female friend that I could enjoy time nude with. Hopefully my wife may come around as I will not let this be a road to end our marriage, she means to much to me and she is such a meaningful part of my life.


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